Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How Did I Miss This?

*JUST NOW found this disappointing news from NewYorkMagazine.com (original article ran May 18):

"It does appear that Saturday's show just might have been the last for longtime announcer Don Pardo. The 91 year-old was inducted into the Rhode Island Radio Hall of Fame last week, at which time he casually mentioned that
the Will Ferrell/Green Day show would be his last as the show's announcer.

That said, the door will likely still be open for his return should Pardo have a change of heart when next September rolls around. While Pardo officially retired from NBC a few years back, Lorne Michaels has so far been able to convince the legendary announcer to come in to do the opening "It's Saturday Night Live" voice-over work he's been doing since the show's 1975 debut."

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