Friday, June 19, 2009

Ready for the Weekend

My dad flew into to town last night and we've got a great weekend planned. Gonna be fun.

My laptop is STILL in the shop so I'm not counting on getting a real column done by Monday. So frustrating.

Question of the week - Is "Year One" gonna be any good? I have my doubts.

(I've already seen the two best movies of the year, so I'm not expecting much from the rest of 2009 - and they were "The Soloist" and "The Hangover" for those of you not paying attention).

OH, bonus question - I had to leave trivia early last night (was on kind of a personal roll before I left though) but Aarron and Shareef guided us towards a third place finish - our second top three finish in our first two weeks, mind you!

Here was the final question of the night (I answered it correctly when Aaron texted it over to me later last night): What were the Top 5 grossing movies of 2007?

There actually was a distinct theme to that summer if you can remember - if you figure that out, you will have most of the answers (the others are definitely getable if you just think it through).

No cheating!

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Just Being Josh said...

Seriously? NO guesses on the trivia question?

My buddy Gray got four out of the five right, so kudos to him...

Alright, here are the answers:

2007 was the year of the trilogy and Spider Man 3, Shrek 3, and Pirates 3 were all in the top 5. Joining them were Harry Potter Part 47 and Transformers.

There you go.