Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sports' All-Time Ugliest Uniforms

Found this slideshow from The New York Daily News that I thought you might enjoy (I GUARANTEE that Kev loves most of these disasters, if not all).

PS - I'm sick that I was right about the Nuggets' destiny based on their uniforms, but a law is a law I guess. And on that note, I feel a whole lot more comfortable with the Magic's chances against the Lakers than I did with the Cavaliers (official predictions tomorrow). I really like Orlando's threads and feel like they could become a modern classic .

PPS - Thanks to Gray for the heads up that the Dave Matthews Band will be performing on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" tonight - can't wait to check out the new album myself.


Bert said...

Josh, love the blog. I agree with the uniforms. Question why is it the ESPN sports voters get it wrong most of the times. In a recent poll it was said the 300 victories was much harder to obtain than 3000 strike outs. The math is 23 pitchers have 300 wins or more while 16 pitchers have 3000 or more strikeouts. How do you do the math?

Just Being Josh said...

Without doing ANY research or really even thinking about it, the only defense I can come up with is that 3,000 strikeouts is definitely a more individual record while you have to rely more on a team to get to 300 wins.

Between middle relievers, closers, 5-man rotations, etc. I don't think we will ever see too many more 300 game winners but I think 3,000 strikeouts is always going to be possible.

Any other thoughts??

Kevin said...

Let's talk uniforms. (Yes, I like to take risks.)

Background on my taste: Give me a Madden Franchise and I will move that team and create the "Las Vegas Bandits" any day of the week. If you have a classic uniform and are known for that uniform (Penn State, Michigan, Notre Dame) keep it, but if you don't take some risks dangit. This is especially true on the "pro" level.

The short slide show review:

(Let's do this as a uniforms/girl comparison)

Old school Pirates and Padres..Kate Hudson. Classic yet sexy.

Bullets and Nuggets uniforms are sweet!!..colorful and loud like Gwen Stefani.

Pick any one of the golf "uniforms" and you're talking Billy Jean King in a thong..not pretty.

Of course I was the kid with mismatched socks and some weird thrift store shirt on growing up..