Thursday, June 4, 2009

Does This Have Any Chance of Being Any Good?

Don't know if you have clicked on the link yet in the "Mahler Must List" (to the right of this post, under my infamous profile pic), but I'm really torn on the upcoming TV show "Hank" - premiering this fall on ABC - starring Kelsey Grammer ("Frasier).

On one hand it, it's Kelsey and I just have always liked his vibe when it comes to comedy. He is one of the few that really gets it and how a sitcom should be done. One the other hand, I hate shows with kids (the #1 reason why Kelsey's last show, "Back to You" failed) and I especially hate family shows with kids - but this almost seems like the anti-family show.

Maybe it's just blind loyalty, maybe I really do know better, but I'm leaving it up to you.

Will it be another Grammer great or will "Hank" tank?


Paul said...

Man, I wish I could share your optimism but I don't think it finishes the season.

Kelsey looks funny and his timing and manerisms are classic and I did chuckle at him.

BUT, it looks so cliche'. So so so very cliche'. Painfully preying on the same socio-echonomic stereotypes that plaugued sitcoms in the 80s; while relying on the 'dad is so dumb compared to the kids' humor that dominated the 90s to fill in the gaps. When both of those fail, we have a few 'old people having/not having sex' laughs.

Don't get your hopes up. I did not see a smidge of inspiration. Agdmit it Josh, take Kelsey out and this and it has TGIF written all over it. If you are looking for a silver lining, at least its not on ABC...oh wait....

Amanda Alice ♥ said...

I think it looks pretty cheesy. The only family sitcom that's semi-decent is Everybody loves Raymond, and even that one is a time filler for me. If it's on I will watch it, I've never scheduled TV time for it and it's certainly not TIVO worthy nor do I think this show will be.

Now of course I feel guilty about lying. Everybody Loves Raymond is not the only Family Sitcom to ever catch my eye. I will admit I faithfully set aside time to watch Full House on TGIF every week, and made sure I had a blank tape in the VCR if I were to miss one episode. Then again I was only 10. haha

Anyways back to "Hank" I may watch a few episodes strictly because of Kelsey. However I have a sneaky suspicion that yes Hank will Tank.