Thursday, June 4, 2009

Any Magic Left?

Now that I have fully recovered from the Nug-Nasties getting bounced from the NBA playoffs, I can finally say that I'm ready to move on with the Finals between the Magic and the Lakers.

And while there is no doubt who I will be pulling for the next few weeks (let me just put it this way: I will be bleeding blue), I honestly have NO idea what's about to happen.

No team has come out of nowhere and surprised me like this year's Orlando team.

I legitimately did not think that the Cavaliers were going to lose A GAME during the playoffs and if it weren't for an amazing shot by LeBron at the end of Game 2 and an amazing individual performance by LeBron in Game 5, the Magic would have easily swept that series.


So now all bets are off. The Magic could sweep, the Lakers could sweep. It could go all seven games. I honestly have NO idea what's about to happen.

My biggest fear is that the entire Magic game plan that has gotten them this far (you know, everyone but Dwight Howard run to the three point line, get the ball into Dwight, see what he can do, have him kick it back out, swing it around the perimeter, swish a three) will suddenly dry up during this series and the Lakers will not only sweep, but blow them off the court.

Have we ever seen a team win a championship that runs its fast break offense to the three point line and then has everyone stop and wait for a shot?

That's the whole key to this series to me. We know Kobe is going to get his, we know Dwight Howard is going to dominate defensively, we know Lamar Odom will disappear, we know Phil Jackson will play his Jedi mind tricks with the officials, we know Stan VanGundy will continue to look like a veteran porn star, but we just don't know if those Orlando threes will keep falling.

My gut is telling me they won't, but then will, but by that time it will be too late.

I'm officially picking the Lakers in 6 but I hope I'm wrong.



Paul said...

Thank you for not just saying 7. I feel like everyone is as confused as you by the Magic so they just say 7 games so they don't look like idiots if the Magic are legit.

I did not think they could beat the Cavs, but I did say this about 100 times: "They are the worst match-up for the Cavs" Throw in the fact that they got hot, Howard was awesome, and Cleveland went with a unique strategy of going without a head coach and you get a perfect storm.

Kobe will not let them lose, the Magic will not shoot 43% on 3's because Phil will not double Howard. Don't forget Perkins handeled Howard against Boston. Bynum can do the same for the 20 minutes he is on the floor before he fouls out. Gasol is enough after that. Let Howard go 30/15. Don't let Orl hit 10 3's. Magic almost played too well vs Cavs so there is no chance Lakers take them lightly.

No one is saying this either: West is still far better than East.

Lakers get 3 good games from Odom, Ariza has a 8/13 night, and Shannon Brown takes a lot of Fisher's minutes and plays well enough to balance out Alston. Kobe becomes one of the best of all time averaging 30+ on 48.7% shooting, 6.2 assists, and 5.1 rebounds.

Lakers in 5 with at least 2 wins by 10+

Sam said...


Great read!

I am a huge Laker fan and was honestly shocked that they beat the Thuggets as soundly as they did. I am thanking God daily that I don't have to look at K-Mart and The Bird Man (or is it Birdman?) anymore....

The question is not if the Lakers will win the series, but in how many games. I agree with Paul, Kobe will not let them lose. If Odom shows up and plays with a pulse, it's over in 5.

Kevin said...

I hate Kobe in the most respectful way. He is one of the best players of all time but I have to disagree with all of you..Lakers will LOSE!

You are forgetting about the "other" Magic players. I think Rashard Lewis is finally validating his contract and can give Gasol nightmares. The rook Courtney Lee can do everything Ariza can..Rafer Alston(with maybe a little relief from Mr. Comeback Jameer Nelson) can score and blow by any point guard the Lakers throw out there. Then there is savvy Hedo Turkoglu and cocky Pietrus. Gortat will destroy Walton off the all are so wrong. The Magic are deeper and want it more then the Lakers. The Lakers SHOULD win but they don't have it in them.

Magic win in 6.

Bert said...

WOW, if LJ had support and his teammates gave just a regular season average we would get to see the LJ KB commericals. Now we get to see Superman in in the spotlight of LA where bling is made. I agree with Josh and Paul but it would be nice to see Jack Nicholson go redrum on the officals because there was some Magic left. Lakers in 6