Friday, March 12, 2010

American Idol Top 12 Power Rankings

Well... here we are.

The point where most people feel like the show truly begins to get good: the Top 12.

While I thoroughly enjoyed Matt Giraud and Scott MacIntyre's dueling Billy Joel piano duet, I'm definitely conflicted about last night's eliminations. As relieved as I am to see Alex go, I really did like Todrick (even though I didn't care for his performanc of Somebody to Love at all) and I can not even begin to understand why Katelyn and Denver' own, Lilly, are gone while Paige and (to a lesser extent) Katie are still there.

This is the first time where I feel like America truly got it wrong; but I guess that's why you always have to vote for your favorite.

*Note: to maintain journalistic integrity, I'm not voting at all this year. Just recapping how it all plays out.

Before we get to the new Power Poll, I just got to take care of a few quick pieces of housekeeping.

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The bigger mover this week has to be Tim Urban. At the very beginning, I compared him to Kris Allen and I truly believe if he can build on this week's performance he could quickly become a legit dark horse if the other contestants aren't careful.

The only contestant that I had moving down at all was my boy, Andrew Garcia. I hate to say it (especially after I anointed him as the one to beat after Hollywood week), but it just feels like he's in a little bit of a tail spin right now. It doesn't help that the judges apparently HAVE to keep comparing everything to his Straight Up performance.

Here's my Power Poll. What do YOU think? Let me know below.

1. Crystal Bowersox (no change from last week)

2. Big Mike Lynche (no change)

3. Casey James (no change)

4. Didi Benami (+3)

5. Siobhan Magnus (+4)

6. Lee Dewyze (+2)

7. Andrew Garcia (-3)

8. Aaron Kelly (+4)

9. Tim Urban (+7)

10. Lacey Brown (+4)

11. Katie Stevens (no change)

12. Paige Miles (+3 by default of other eliminated contestants)


Katie said...

Although Paige seems like a nice girl, I still felt like Katelyn had TONS more star power than her. However, the long anticipated departure of Alex Lambert kind of balanced out the night for me.

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