Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol Recap: Top 8 Girls

As I mentioned in our new Pop Culture podcast, I'm still happily exhausted from the awesome Bon Jovi concert at the Pepsi Center on Monday, so let's get right to the recap of the remaining eight females' performances on American Idol last night:

> Katie Stevens - Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson)
Just like Jermaine Sellers last week, Katie is another one of my early favorites that is in a little bit of a free fall here lately. The whole performance felt heavy and her vocals fell flat. She could be in serious trouble sooner rather than later.

Siobhan Magnus - House of the Rising Sun (The Animals)
Admittedly, I haven't been the biggest Siobhan fan but I did appreciate the peace offering she extended with that rock classic. Very controlled yet passionate performance and I will always respect that kind of approach. Never going to be my personal favorite (the difference between her off the stage and on it is always a little too jarring), but I definitely acknowledge her leap from a dark horse to a legit contender.

> Lacey Brown - The Story (Brandi Carlilie)
I still like the tone and uniqueness of Lacey's voice over anyone left in the competition, but even I have to admit that this was a little too lullaby-ish. So, of course, the judges loved it. I don't even care anymore - I'll accept whatever it takes to keep Lacey around!

Katelyn Epperly - I Feel the Earth Move (Carole King)
Have to agree with judges that there just wasn't enough of a connection to the song (or the lyrics), but I'm starting to wonder if Katelyn is wandering into the Kellie Pickler "attractive female with just enough talent to help her advance farther than she normally could (or should)" zone. Thoughts?

> Didi Benami - Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)
When she's on, Didi seems like a more marketable combination of Lacey's vocals and Katelyn's look. That song didn't do a whole lot for me personally, but it was good to see her rebound (emotionally, if nothing else) and I think it was solid enough to keep her around for another week.

Paige Miles - Smile (Charlie Chaplin)
This performance solidified the sleep inducing theme of the evening and Paige's vocals just aren't strong enough to help her navigate her way through the song. Unfortunately, she could be in real trouble after last night.

> Crystal Bowersox - Give Me One Reason (Tracy Chapman)
A complete, professional, ready to tour, radio-quality performance all the way around. Crystal is just at a different level than the rest of the field so far and is living proof of the judges' point about needing to know who you are as an artist. Easily the best performance of the night.

Lily Scott - I Fall to Pieces (Patsy Cline)
There's just something comforting and relatable about Lilly and her vocals but I really have to agree with Simon in that it wasn't the best performance as the last performance of the show. Hope that doesn't come back to bite her.

If I had to put money on two to go, it would be Katie Stevens and Paige Miles. What do YOU think? Let me know below!

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