Thursday, March 4, 2010

American Idol Recap: Top 10 Girls

After the boys’ bland offering on Tuesday night, I was almost dreading having to suffer through the girls last night; but fortunately it was a day and night difference. Thoroughly enjoyed the night and remembered why I started following the show to begin with – and of course I disagreed with the judges at EVERY turn.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So for at least one week, enjoy a happy, satisfied recap from yours truly. Here’s how it went down:

> Crystal BowersoxLong As I Can See the Light (CCR)
Glad to see that Crystal was feeling good enough to sing last night, both for her and for us! As recently as Hollywood week, I didn’t care for her but she just keeps growing on me. I am glad she was a little bit more true to herself with this song selection (even though I enjoyed her last week), and if this is who she is going to be as an artist, I’m all in.

Haley VaughnThe Climb (Miley Cyrus)
I’m still not a huge Haley fan but if she has to stick around, then this is the style she should stay with. Good to see the contestants starting to have a little bit more self awareness already about who they are and the entertainers they can be.

Lacey BrownKiss Me (Sixpence None the Richer)
As I’ve noted before, I always get nervous whenever I like a contestant because that usually means they won’t be around for long. I thought for sure Lacey was a goner last week and I’m sure she will leave sooner than I want, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. My Wife said it perfectly: that song was made for her voice.

> Katie StevensPut Your Records On (Corinne Bailey Rae)
As much as I enjoyed her rendition of Feeling Good last week, I have to admit that the judges were right on Katie needing to market herself a little younger. She does have one of the bigger voices in the competition so I hate to see those vocals restrained; she needs to find a young, vibrant song that she can unleash on.

Didi BenamiLean on Me (Bill Withers)
My biggest concern for Didi is if she can keep her emotions together over the course of the Idol process. I personally enjoyed her performance last night and felt like we finally caught a glimpse of her star persona but she started to crack a little due to the criticism from the judges. She has to be able to keep that in check if she's going to have any shot - and not just here, but in the music industry in general.

Michelle DelamorWith Arms Wide Open (Creed)
I got way nervous when one of my favorite contestants said she was going to be doing one of my all-time least favorite songs, but I liked the Whitney/Mariah stylistic spin she put on it – even if she doesn’t have Whitney or Mariah’s range. From what Michelle has shown us so far, she has a definite vocal ceiling and she may have hit it last night.

> Lilly ScottA Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)
Wow! That was the first performance of the night that actually made me sit up and pay a little more attention. Way to represent Denver, Lilly! We’ve heard that song a kazillion times on Idol in the past but that was the first time I’m going to remember it.

Katelyn EpperlyThe Scientist (Coldplay)
Contrary to the experience with Michelle above, I got way excited when of my favorite contestants said she was going to be doing one of my all-time favorite songs. I liked that she scaled it back and focused on connecting with the lyrics. It proved to be an intimate showcase of her vocals and I think it was good enough to keep her around a little while longer.

> Paige MilesWalk Away (Kelly Clarkson)
This was the most karaoke performance of the night for me but Paige really is starting to let her big vocals loose and that’s not the worst thing in the world.

Siobhan MagnusThink (Aretha Franklin)
OK. I finally saw what all the Siobhan supporters have been trying to sell me on the past few weeks. I didn’t care for her performance last week at all but this was legit. She appears to be a little “unique” when she’s off the stage, but is completely in her element when she’s on.

Who did YOU like? Let me know below...

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