Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Idol Recap: Top 10 Guys

Writing for INDenverTimes has already given me a lot of unique and awesome opportunities, and another one has come knocking on my door.

I've been invited to participate in an American Idol ranking pool this year with the Idol reporter from The Seattle Times and you can see how my weekly rankings (posted the day after the results show) stack up with other writers across the country.

Check it out here!

Here's my thoughts on the guys' performances from last night:

Big Mike LyncheThis is a Man’s World (James Brown)
I will admit that there was nothing technically wrong with Big Mike’s performance at all, but just like last week, I just didn’t feel any depth or substance to it. Of course the judges loved it. I’m positive America will too.

John ParkGravity (John Mayer)
Great song choice for his vibe and his voice but I will agree with judges in that he didn’t really seem connected to the performance. I’m always confused when the judges rail against a contestant because they are the ones responsible for him being there. I could have told you this was his ceiling after his audition.

Casey JamesI Don’t Want to Be (Gavin DeGraw)
With my boy Tyler Grady out, I’m glad to see someone else pick up the rock mantle – I was just a little surprised that it was James. I loved the electric guitar addition to the one Idol standard that seems to get trotted out every year. Vocals weren’t necessarily stellar but it was a great performance and I can’t see him going anywhere anytime soon.

Alex LambertEverybody Knows (John Legend)
Good news: Alex seemed less nervous than last week. Bad news: Still can’t imagine a single person (other friends and family) picking up the phone to vote for this kid. PLEASE someone explain it to me.

Todrick HallWhat’s Love Got to Do with It (Tina Turner)
I think I was one of the only people in America that loved Hall’s rendition of Since You’ve Been Gone last week. This performance started a little slow for me but he saved it down the stretch. I hate to admit that I actually agreed with Ellen in that he over-compensated a bit too much by not moving around enough this week.

Jermaine SellersWhat’s Going On (Marvin Gaye)
I will always unfairly compare anyone who does this song to Cuba Gooding’s version in Jerry Maguire. I liked Sellers a lot in his audition, so I hate to say that I’m honestly starting to lose a little interest. Not feeling that look either.

Andrew GarciaYou Give Me Something (James Morrison)
The reason I have Andrew as my odds on favorite to win this contest is that he just has the purest, richest, deepest voice of the field; the words always mean a little more when he sings them. Not my favorite song choice, but (to borrow a tired Idol cliché) he could sing the phone book and I would enjoy it.

Aaron KellyMy Girl (The Temptations)
I feel like the generic Idol contestants are now playing their own little game to see who can do the most generic performance of the most generic song. Ladies and gentlemen, your winner this week: Aaron Kelly!

Tim UrbanCome on Get Higher (Matt Nathanson)
I guess it was better than last week, but it was still a bad knock-off and just an overall forgettable, boring performance.

Lee DewyzeLips of An Angel (Hinder)
If Tim Urban is the poor man’s Kris Allen, then Dewyze is the homeless man’s David Cook.

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