Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Idol Recap: Top 8 Guys

This was by far the best night from the guys for me so far this season. I really enjoyed just sitting back and being entertained as a fan of the show. Pretty solid performances all around.

Let's get right to the recap:

> Lee Dewyze - Fireflies (Owl City)
For the first time this season I'm going to give Lee a compliment: I can't stand that song by Owl City but I REALLY liked his version. It was like a grittier John Mayer and that's always a good thing. Have to think Lee is heading to the Top 12, despite the judges' less than stellar feedback.

Alex Lambert - Trouble (Ray LaMontagne)
Can I go two for two on compliments tonight? Yes I can, baby! This was the first time I could actually understand why someone would vote for Alex (break out the champagne, Alex fans!) He's still lacking any semblance of a super star persona (or even quasi-star persona, for that matter) but his vocals continue to improve each week. Hopefully he can stick around long enough for his confidence to follow suit.

> Tim Urban - Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley)
Going into this week, I thought for sure Tim was a goner, but now I'm not so sure. This was his best performance to date, but was it enough to get voters - that already have their own favorites - to suddenly jump on the bandwagon?

Andrew Garcia - Genie in a Bottle (Christinia Aguilera)
If nothing else, Andrew has absolutely NO FEAR about covering any type of song. I really like him as an artist because of the tone of his voice and the depth and meaning he gives to lyrics that are typically dismiss as just part of pop tracks known more for their beats and hooks. I'm actually a little nervous for Andrew's fate for some reason this week, but I'm hoping it just paranoia.

> Casey James - You'll Think of Me (Keith Urban)
One of the more perfect song choices by any of the contestants so far this evening. I could really see Casey making it as one of those country/rock/pop crossovers. I just think he needs to commit to the country side a little more to sure up those voters.

Aaron Kelly - I'm Already There (Lonestar)
I gotta give Aaron credit because he is just plowing through America's Generic Songbook week after week. You have to appreciate the consistency if nothing else. The judges summed up his performance perfectly: not a great vocal but a great song choice for the artist he is and wants to be. Should be good enough for the girls and grandmas to push him through to the next round.

> Todrick Hall - Somebody to Love (Queen)
I'm a huge Todrick fan but I'm an even bigger Queen fan and VERY protective of this song. The vocals were solid for sure but these lyrics have to have so much passion and emotion behind them and I just didn't feel it from him. Elliot Yamin absolutely crushed it a few years ago (that performance has become the Idol standard for that song) and I just don't think Todrick came close. Here's hoping it impressed enough viewers and he stays alive because I think he could prove to be very entertaining if given the right genre.

Michael Lynche - This Woman's Work (Maxwell)
Wow. He made Kara cry! This is what I like about Michael: that's not a song that I would normally have any interest in, but he made me care. He and Crystal seem to be the only contestants that already know who they are as an artist - and that's huge at this stage of the game. And again, HE MADE KARA CRY!

My two least favorite performances were Aaron Kelly and Todrick Hall but if I had to put money on two guys leaving, it would be Todrick and Andrew Garcia. Hope I'm wrong on both counts!

What do YOU think? Let me know below...

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