Thursday, March 18, 2010

American Idol Top 11 Power Rankings

I got Alex voted off last week and America got Lacey this week, so I hope this means we're finally even.

I'm actually somewhat relieved when my personal favorites leave show because I can stop worrying about their impending doom and objectively concentrate on the rest of the race.

And fortunately for us, we still a very close race with 11 contestants remaining. Unfortunately for us, however, it's not the most compelling race as of yet. There is a definite lack of star power and persona from this group and we still have some of the weaker singers to weed out. Hopefully the contestants grow more comfortable (and become more engaging) from this point on now that they're on the bigger stage.

On to the power poll!

On the Rise
Has to be Siobhan. Even though I still think Crystal is still the favorite and out in front of the field, Ms. Magnus is officially in the rear view mirror. I will never be her biggest fan, but at least she is showing a pulse on the stage - and that can't be said about a lot of the other singers.

Free Falling
Didi and Andrew still have more talent than most of the remaining contestants but they're both just not doing much with it yet. We need to see more life and energy to go along with their vocals.

1. Crystal Bowersox
(no change from last week)

2. Siobhan Magnus (+3)

3. Michael Lynche (-1)

4. Casey James (-1)

5. Lee Dewyze (+1)

6. Didi Benami (-2)

7. Aaron Kelly (+1)

8. Andrew Garcia (-1)

9. Katie Stevens

10. T
im Urban (-1)

11. Paige Miles (+1 by default of other eliminated contestants)

What did you think about Lacey's departure and the remaining Idol's 11? Let me know below!

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