Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is the Greatest (Alternate) Sitcom Ever

Naturally I received a bunch of angry e-mails and text messages about my nominations for best sitcom ever (sorry, but the Emmy award numbers don't lie) and even got one boycott text (you know who you are, buddy!!)

But being the kind and generous person that I am, I've decided to post an alternative list of shows that either never won an Emmy award or only won one.

So, here you go - I've chosen one show from each decade and since I couldn't come up with a legitimate nomination from the 1950's, I've let "Friends" serve as an overlapping nominee between the 90's and 00's (feel free to vote on both posts but I swear I will lose my mind if we get more comments on this one than the original).

Alternate All-Time Category:

- The Andy Griffith Show
- M*A*S*H*
- The Cosby Show
- Seinfeld
- Friends
- How I Met Your Mother


DW said...

I love HIMYM but I'm going to go with M*A*S*H on this one. It's such a classic and still one of my favorite shows on TV. Hogan's Heroes should have gotten a nod in there somewhere too.

Just Being Josh said...

Certainly agree on "Hogan's Heroes". Only prob for me is that it ran primarily in the 60's and it would be tough to give it the nod over "Andy Griffith" (which amazingly enough, NEVER won the Emmy).

Great suggestion tho! Classic show...

The Triumphant Return of Paulie Walnuts said...

Wow, shows I actually watched. How nice.

Seinfeld still gets my vote, as mentioned in last post, although Friends was obviously my personal favorite.

Katie said...

I vote Seinfeld also. I think it had a characters that appealed to everybody and plots that everyone could identify with. I watch reruns and still laugh. I liked Friends alot too, but there were some really dumb episodes that I did not like. Seinfeld will always be funny even as the decades move on.

Emily said...

I say FRIENDS! Seinfeld, we ALL agree, was awesome. It had the quirkiness and we all laughed at the crazy situations that were created by WEIRD characters.

But, to me, Friends was the perfect storm. People didn't just go for the funny situations, but the characters were somewhat "normal." If you're sitting around a table, everyone can identify which character they "are" (or want to be) in the show.

Case in point, was talking to a friend the other night and he said, "It's just like something Rachel would do." I said, "geez, no kidding." Mind you, this person is not part of our crew, but a random member of society. But, we both knew what the other was talking about.

No one has ever said anything like "sounds like something Jerry would do" without me saying, "who??"