Tuesday, September 1, 2009


One of my favorite nerdy TV industry websites, www.tvbythenumbers.com, is already debating which show(s) CBS should air in the coveted post-Super Bowl time spot this coming February.

Basically their discussion comes down two options, either a full hour of their recent hit, "The Mentalist" to give it some more exposure or a hour comedy block featuring episodes of "Two and a Half Men" and "The Big Bang Theory".

Obviously I'm partial to "Big Bang" (and have been absolutely shocked with how the show is counting to grow - both creatively and in the ratings), but what is CBS' and the media's fascination with "Two and a Half Men".

If you go to to the link, they've set up a poll at the bottom of the page asking readers which show(s) should get that spot and the results didn't surprise me at all:

(As of today at 9:30AM, MST)

1. Big Bang (29%, 323 votes)

2. Mentalist (18%, 203)

3. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (16%, 181)

4. Survivor (10%, 113)

5. Some Other Show (10%, 107)

6. NCIS: LA (8%, 85)

7. NCIS (5%, 57)

8. Two and a Half Men (4%, 39)

Hmm... A couple things instantly jump out at me:

- "HIMYM" finished solidly in third (and is in a tight race for second), yet is getting NO consideration.

- "Two and a Half Men" finished in dead last.

- "Two and a Half Men" finished behind "NCIS: LA" which hasn't even aired yet.

- "Two and a Half Men" finished behind SOME OTHER SHOW.


I know it's been the "highest rated comedy" for the past five years or so, but WHO IS WATCHING THIS SHOW???


Have you EVER met one single human being that has admitted to watching "Two and a Half Men" on a regular basis? Have you met anyone that has admitted to watching it occasionally? Have you ever seen blogs or discussion groups buzzing about what happened on last night's episodes?


I have to have ONE PERSON leave a comment at the end of this post that they (A) love this show, (B) regularly watch it, (C) occasionally watch it, or (D) saw it one time and thought it was slightly humorous.

I promise I won't make fun of you. I PROMISE. This is just more for my own peace of mind that this isn't some great conspiracy where Charlie Sheen committed to doing the show only if CBS falsified the ratings.

I get it that Sheen and Jon Cryer are a draw for the 80's crowd and maybe that crowd just doen't blog or aren't as vocal about it as our generation, but the show itself is legitimately unwatchable. Believe me, I'VE TRIED. We even tried a few times at our old TV Group and it was just silence and sadness in the room until we were able to snap back to reality and quickly change the channel.

And now they're going to put it on after the Super Bowl?

I understand a lot about the TV industry. I get why more people watched "Friends" than "Frasier" and why "Frasier" won more awards. I get why people like "Seinfeld". I get why old people don't like "Conan" and why they do like "Leno". I get why most people think "The Office" is about Jim and Pam's relationship when in reality, it's about Michael and Dwight's. I get why "Scrubs" didn't work on NBC. I get "Arrested Development" didn't work on Fox. I get demographics. I get scheduling. I get the vibe and nuances of each network. I even get who "Two and a Half Men" would be targeted towards.

But for the life of me, I will NEVER understand how that show could be the highest rated comedy in ANY era, let alone this one, when I have yet to meet another living, breathing member of the human species that has acknowledged ever watching that show.

There's just no evidence of it and as you can see, it's starting to drive me to the point of insanity.

Please, just put me out of my misery.


The Triumphant Return of Paulie Walnuts said...

Haha...I will agree with you that I have never met a human being that has ever even mentioned the show other than you, and that was for all of the wrong reasons.

Since I have moved here and I have a lot of time to myself, I have watched the show; mostly just out of curiosity. I wouldn't call it unwatchable, but I have no idea how it is the highest rated comedy on TV. There is quite a bit of gratuitous cleavage...or maybe old people really do just have their TVs on CBS all the time.

Call it the "Nickleback Factor." I still have never met a Nickleback fan, but they sell out arenas and have multi-platinum albumns. With radio is is easier to understand I guess, b/c obv we have heard their songs a millions times, so there is assumed popularity.

As I think about it, maybe we are a lot snobbier than we realize. Maybe there really is a huge segment of the population that we have ZERO contact with.

Breanna Juel said...

i'd like to say something.....i actually watch two and a half men, on a semi-regular basis. not that it's saying much because well...it's only me. but i do like the show, alot. i have some of the new ones recorded, because i knew i'd miss them. alright i'm a loser but who cares?
i do agree with Paul, why is nickleback even popular? oh and bands like dave matthews which has a hundred songs that sound EXACTLY the same. i will never understand why some people insist on having horrible taste in music. now if you'll excuse me i'm off to listen to my insane clown posse cd. bahaha

Just Being Josh said...

Breanna - Thank you! I said I wouldn't make fun of you, so I won't. I'm more interested than anything. What it is that you like about the show? I seriously have to know. I can't get through 5 minutes without feeling sad that I'll never get those 5 minutes of my life back.

Katie said...

I watch two and half men occasionally...mostly because it comes on either before or after another show that I want to watch. I'm too lazy to channel surf for something else and I usually use that time to work on homework. Its a good show to tune in and out of because there isn't much substance. A good "background" TV show that you can semi-watch while you are doing something else.

Breanna Juel said...

i like sarcasm and the show usually has that. i think it's pretty funny. i would choose watching that over something like cheers or frasier. i guess i didn't really give you much to go off of, i just like the show. :] and thanks for not joking me.

Just Being Josh said...

"i would choose watching that over something like cheers or frasier."


Breanna - are you trying to give me a stroke??!!!

Room starting to spin...

Body seizing in pain...

Losing will to live...

Eyes closing...

Breanna Juel said...

haha come back towards the light Josh!!! but yes you did read right. i'm not saying those shows aren't good, they just never really appealed to me. i'd always watch friends or seinfeld instead of them. And now i add to that, two and a half men. i've been known to sit infront of the tube for hours upon hours watching marathons on tbs or something, and usually some how i always get sucked into fraiser (not really cheers). so the point being....it's not totally out of the question for me to enjoy the show. i would just take another option if given. am i getting my point across? ou hate me don't you? haha