Friday, August 7, 2009

Shortest Boycott Ever

Well... my feud with Best Buy lasted all of two days.

I was buckled down for an epic, lifetime war against the mega store that would go down in the history books. I had even started mentally mapping out where I was going to go for my DVDs, CDs, and other electronics.

I'm a little disappointed actually.

I was thoroughly enjoy my new grudge on Wednesday morning when I saw the following comment on my
previous post from my Fiance's father:

"I will get to the bottom of your problem. I have a person who is in the PR department and I think he needs to read your BLOG"

I thought it was a nice sentiment, but really didn't think too much of it because my experience has taught me that things like this typically don't turn around in your favor. So I literally almost dropped my phone when I got a voice mail message from the Best Buy manager that afternoon saying that he had heard about my problem and wanted to see what he could do to fix it.

I got in touch with him after work and I told him I wasn't just trying to be a whiny customer (I told him I work in customer support - I know the feeling), but this whole ordeal had just past the point of ridiculous.

He was way cool and way understanding and offered to fix the laptop with no service charge and no parts charge.

I think I can handle that.

So I dropped it off that night and am patiently waiting to pick it up so I don't have to come up here to the library to post any more.


If the laptop comes back and I can turn it on and it won't shut off on its own and it will play DVDs and I can get online, I will be happy to lift the ban on Best Buy.

I'm cautiously optimistic until then however.

I don't know if we'll ever know exactly what happened. Maybe the guy helping me the other had to log notes about me being unhappy and the manager finally read the report.

Or maybe my Fiance's father promised Armageddon if the situation didn't get resolved. Regardless, I think a safe moral to the story is just don't mess with the Navy either way.

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KATIE said...

just thought you might find this interesting...buyers at best buy complaining because the website had a mistake on it making a 52" TV $9.99...look at this guys receipt ( then best buy corrected the price and no one got a huge TV for 10