Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Just Being Josh Record!

Just wanted to a quick thanks to everyone who stopped by this site yesterday as it was a record day for views since I started posting regularly on June 1.

Not too shabby.

(Of course the shameless e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter updates can't hurt the numbers either)

Regardless, it's a good feeling to know that the site might be growing a bit. I really like it now and enjoy the discussions we are having and the content I am exploring.

That said, forgive me if I take a little break over the next couple of weeks after the wedding (yay!). I'm not setting a specific timeframe for myself and I will of course keep posting little nuggets here and there as different items spark my interest.

I'm thinking it will probably be the first of September before I write an original Monday column (sounds about right) but I don't want to wait too long because I feel like I've gotten in a little groove as of late and have really enjoyed writing those pieces.

It is a bizarre experience to write something, post it on this little site, and have anyone come here to check it out - let alone a record number.

Thanks for you time and I hope to keep making it worth it.