Monday, August 3, 2009

No Laptop = No Column


So there won't be a new column today (again) due to more laptop troubles. I finally had to take it back to the store because after I posted about it last week, it completely stopped turning on (AGAIN).

I received a voicemail last night from the store that it is indeed a hard drive issue and that they will go ahead and fix it if I authorize the charge to fix it.

Um... No.

I still don't know what service I received for my original payment. My laptop has the SAME problem now that it did six weeks ago when I first dropped it off - plus additional issues (turns off on its own, deleted documents, won't play DVDs, etc.).

So unless they are willing to fix it at no charge, I'm probably going to just collect my broken laptop, demand a refund on the original payment (since nothing has been fixed), and just wait it out until my Fiance (soon-to-be Wife) brings hers out here in a few weeks.

And if they don't want to refund my money?

Well, I would suggest staying in for the evening because it won't be pretty. Oh, and if you see on the news that a Best Buy store in Parker, CO has been bruned to the ground, don't bother wondering.

It was me.


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