Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hey Now, You're a Rock Star

You can't ask for it, you can't plan for it, you can't even hope for it. You just have to sit back and enjoy it when it comes.

There is nothing better in the sports world than an August baseball game that has an October baseball feel. You can't get the October baseball game any earlier than August because everything is still shaking out. But by August, you know who is alive, you know who is dead, and the alive teams are already starting to jockey for position and begin their late season push for the playoffs.

The Rockies-Giants series this past weekend was pretty good in general (I was there on Saturday night to see the Rock Stars come back from down 6-1 to win 14-11 - wild!), but was capped off in epic fashion last night.

I watched every pitch in glorious HD, but started running out of gas as the game went into extra innings. I almost started rooting AGAINST the Rox after the stranded runners on third (with less than two outs) in back-to-back innings.

When the Giants took a 4-1 lead in the top of the 14th, I was almost relieved and happily went to bed.

I'm actually going to take credit for the Rockies coming back to win, because I firmly believe that my going to bed served as a reverse mojo and freed the Rocktober Spirits to work their magic.

Here's what makes that game, and that win for the Rockies so surreal: if they had just tied the game in the 14th and the game had kept going, there could have been a scenario where they would have had a pitcher (Adam Eaton) playing right field, a limping Dex Fowler playing center, CarGo playing left with stitches in his throwing hand, Spils playing somewhere in the infield, and a catcher (Torrealba) playing first.

That's what the game had come to. They HAD to win it or lose it right then and there.

Gotta give Spilborghs credit - he's had an awful season and I've personally given him a lot of crap for it. Hung in there mentally (especially after misplaying Renteria's triple in the top of the inning) and drove a pitch oppo for the game winning GRAND SLAM (the first grand slam game winner in Colorado's history). I've posted the replay below for anyone that hasn't seen it yet - love how Spils is SPRINTS around the bases and am also amused how the little score box graphic in the upper left hand corner has to let us know that the ROCKIES WIN! while we're watching the players celebrate. Thanks Sherlock.

We still have a few weeks, but you can already start to sense October baseball in the air.

My favorite time of year.

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