Saturday, August 29, 2009

Date Set for "Seinfeld" Reunion on "Curb"

This is probably old news to a lot of you (especially the die-hard "Seinfeld" fans) but I've noticed a lot of people still don't know about it, so I thought I would shine a little light to those still in the dark.

If you haven't heard, the cast of "Seinfeld" will be reuniting together for the first time on television in 11 years on Larry David's current show, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on Sunday, October 4.

From, here is a quick set up to how it's going to go down:

The story line, which starts in episode 3, is sprinkled over five of the season’s 10 episodes as Larry recruits the cast, then plans and tapes the big Seinfeld reunion (viewers will see a few scenes of the Seinfeld reunion episode on Curb). David is cagey on plot details, and will only hint that “Larry attempts to get [his estranged wife] Cheryl back, and the Seinfeld reunion figures prominently in that.” Adds Louis-Dreyfus, “It’s the anti-reunion reunion, and I’d like to copyright that.”

I think this is brilliant.

I hate those reunion shows where the cast gets back together and instead of a sitcom everything is really dramatic and boring. And I've ALWAYS been a fan of the show-within-a-show thing and "Curb" provides the perfect venue to get everyone back without it being awkward or forced.

At the end of that EW article, Jerry Seinfeld even notes, “As far as I’m concerned, we did do it, and in a better way than I ever imagined. This exceeded my expectations."

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