Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Josh & Ross on Lost

INDenverTimes columnist Josh Mahler is embarrassed to admit that he had never seen the hit TV series Lost until this, the final season. To try and figure out exactly what's going on, Josh brings in his buddy (and diehard Lost fan) Ross Costanza for a new weekly podcast.

Just press play...


Anonymous said...

Could not possibly agree more.

elevow said...

Hey guys - happy to hear the show. On this "sickness" I was thinking this is what made Rousseau's friends go crazy. So now Claire is now the new Rousseau, maybe.
Also the title "What Kate Does" is a reference to Season 2 "What Kate Did" also Season 1 she was the first person to have a Flashback.
So many questions still to be answered - can't wait.