Monday, February 8, 2010

In Denver Times Pop Culture Podcast: Episode 1

INDenverTimes columnist Josh Mahler and broadcast partner Gray Brothers discuss Super Bowl XLIV's historic ratings as well as The Who halftime show in the new weekly pop culture podcast (and they need YOUR help on halftime topic!).

The guys also debate Jay Leno showing up on Dave Letterman's commercial, Twilight's Taylor Lautner's next project, MacGyver vs. MacGruber, and FX's new cartoon series, Archer.


Robbie said...

Another great show guys, but I do disagree with your take on the halftime show, In my humble opinion, the performance stunk! Being a long-time Who fan, ( I bought my first Who album, The Who By Numbers, in 1973 when vinyl was the only choice), I can speak from more than 37 years of serious listening pleasure and state that the performance was very sub-par! Roger Daltry's voice is fading fast, and Pete's backup vocals were atrocious! His guitar playing was good, but nothing like when he was in his prime. I almost felt sorry for them, but since I'm sure they received the big bucks, I didn't! I think the Who were the worst of the "old rockers" halftime shows by a long shot.

I am in agreement with you that there are not any "young" rockers that I can think of who can garner the attention a Super Bowl haftime show should get. The Killers, while good, and the Foo Fighters, are not up to it yet. You need someone who is consistently selling out stadiums. I think we might start to see either more country stars (the likes of Kenny Chesney or Toby Keith) or perhaps we'll start to see multi-star shows with 3 or 4 medium-sized stars singing a song or two each. The next time Fox gets the Super Bowl you might even see an American Idol reunion show. But I hope not!

Just my two cents worth, but again, a another good show, and I as well, will not be queing up to see Stretch Armstrong!


Just Being Josh said...

I guess we were just singing too loud to hear any bad vocals. We had a blast and it was probably my favorite halftime show ever just based on pure enjoyment! To each his own and such, I suppose...