Friday, February 26, 2010

American Idol Week 1 Power Rankings

WHOA! Did America actually agree with me on three of the four eliminated contestants? As much as I am sad to see my boy Tyler go, I will take that sacrifice to see Ashley, Janell, and Joe get voted off. Now I can be as objective as possible and we got rid of a lot of the riff raff.

I'll take that compromise even though I can't imagine anyone picking up their phone to vote for Alex Lambert - can someone please defend that to me?

So good to see Allison Iraheta by the way. She was one of my all time favorite Idol contestants, and I can't wait for her to be out from under her Idol contracts so she can actually be the artist we all know she can be. Also good to see Tim Urban - er, I mean Kris Allen perform as well.

On to my first Power Rankings! Again, I'm going to put personal feelings aside and these are my rankings based on who I think can actually win from everything we've seen thus far:

1. Casey James

2. Andrew Garcia

3. Didi Benami

4. Crystal Bowersox

5. Big Mike Lynche

6. Katie Stevens

7. Katelyn Epperly

8. Todrick Hall

9. Aaron Kelly

10. Lilly Scott

11. Michelle Delamor

12. Jermaine Sellers

13. Lacey Brown

14. Lee Dewyze

15. Tim Urban

16. Paige Miles

17. John Park

18. Siobhan Magnus

19. Haley Vaughn

20. Alex Lambert

What do YOU think about the 20 contestants remaining? Feel free to post your comments below!


Anonymous said...

I completely disagree with your rankings Josh! Alex 20/20? Lee 14/20? Really? Cmon...

Here is the true top 5 so far in the competition:
1) Lee Dewyze - I agree with Simon, best vocals of the guys, sounds a lot like David Cook.
2) Didi Benami - really love her voice
3) Casey James - was #1, but dropped after tonight's bad performance
4) Crystal Bowersox
5) Alex Lambert -kid did good tonight, has really good voice

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I picked up the phone and voted for Alex!