Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In Case You Missed This...

Other than American Idol, I try not to get involved with too many singing competition shows. I had no intention of ever checking out NBC's recent a capella contest, The Sing-Off, but got sucked in because of one ridiculously entertaining group.

First of all, I am stunned that NBC actually had enough self awareness to not try and force a whole season of this show down our throats. It was just three episodes last week and then a results show finale last night (Monday). It was the perfect supplemental programming while most of the network's regular shows are on the holiday hiatus.

OK, I'm almost beginning to believe that NBC is finally getting its act together. Let's keep moving before I wander further down that dead-end road.

All of the acts were talented for sure but the only reason I kept coming back was for The Beelzebubs - a college a capella group from TUFTS University outside of Boston, MA. I will never remember any of the other groups as anything more than being a part of a growing trend of a capella, but I don't know how you could forget the 'Bubs.

They were infectious to say the least.

The way I always judge talent off any of these singing contest shows is by one question: would I pay hard earned money to ever see this artist or band or group.

I couldn't pay enough to see the 'Bubs.

Not only was every performance flawless from a technical and singing standpoint (they were the ONLY group that didn't get a whiff of negativity from the judges), but they genuinely entertained every time they took the stage. Sure it was sometimes goofy and playful but there was a maturity and self awareness that always kept it stable. Basically any time they went too far Jerry Lewis, they had enough Dean Martin to rein it in.

You don't see that kind of presence from most performers these days, let alone college kids.

By last night's finale, I found myself just fast forwarding the other groups just to get to the 'Bubs, because you knew exactly what everyone else was going to bring to the table but you had NO CLUE what the 'Bubs were going to come up with next.

And they never disappointed.

I'm not going to even try to come up with a theory as to why they came in second place - other than just remind myself that I live in America where Two and a Half Men is the highest rated comedy on television and then it all makes sense.

I've included everyone of the 'Bubs' performances that I could find below. There were no clunkers, there were no miss-steps. I checked
their website to see if they were going to be touring only to remember that they are a college group and (so far) only seem to have dates booked for the immediate New England area.

Our loss.

Sweet Caroline

Right Round

The Who medley

Come Sail Away

The 'Bubs & Nicole Scherzinger - You Don't Own Me (by far the most epic performance)

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