Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm an Analog Player in a Digital World Bonus Material

Here is a good article on exactly what's going on with the Studios delaying new releases to Redbox:

Here is one about Blockbuster's current struggles:

And here is one about a new upcoming Redbox rip-off where you can rent movies by the hour:

If you are like me and are looking for some rental options and are more technologically savvy than me, here are some of the answers I got back from my friends (thanks to everyone that responded):

- Personally I just switched to netflix and can watch blu ray, dvd, OR stream a movie and watch instantly no mail required...

- I normally rent movies from Blockbuster but since they are closing a bunch of stores, I have and will continue to rent movies from On Demand through Comcast. With the new Comcast Merger it will be cool to rent movies a lot sooner, but that also will become more expensive. I am not sure if I will enjoy this new movie viewing process. They took away drive-ins and now they are taking away the old, and much better way, of renting movies. What's next no more movie theaters only in home new movie viewing. What is this world coming to?

- Hulu is the bizzomb for tv and streaming Netflix online is the way to go (immediate gratification). But, my friend has Apple TV and really loves it-- you should check it out!

- I stream netflix like a champ. The only downside is that they don't make everything available for is also a really cool site for streaming shows. I use that one a lot. Redbox is a sweet concept but I rarely pay to rent anymore. Only netflix. It's awesome not having a return date. I'm sure I stated a lot of obviousness.

- Well.... you sound a little too impatient to go through the library system. I have to wait longer, but it's free and I get them for 2 weeks. I place a hold and they email when it's ready for pickup.

- We just do redbox...I actually like that there is a little lag time between when the movie is in theaters and when I can get a hold of it to watch gives me time to hear a good amount of buzz about it...whether it was good or bad...that way I don't waste my time or money on crap.

- Xbox Live Marketplace, streaming Netflix, Amazon VOD, online video sites like Hulu, Crackle, mooovies, etc. all streamed to my home theater via my 360! There you go, mostly free entertainment... most importantly: instant gratification on demand :) In fact, I don't need cable any more.


- As long as we are talking legally .. i'd go with Hulu ...

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