Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Great Sports Day

Last Sunday, my Wife and I got tickets to go to the Broncos-Patriots football game in the afternoon and the Rockies-Phillies baseball game that night.

Fortunately both stadiums are close by in downtown Denver and I was actually pretty proud of myself for how I mapped it all out and got us around pretty quickly.

It was a great day for us and the teams we were pulling for (Broncs upset the Pats in OT and the Phils edged the Rock Stars in a tight one) and being able to do a day like this was a big reason why I wanted to live here.

Here are some pics from the day (you can click on the picture to view a larger version):

Us in front of Investco before the Broncs game

The horses in front of the stadium are a nice touch

Us from our seats (yes, it was freezing).

Us at Coors Field after we had quick-changed into our Phillies gear

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