Thursday, January 7, 2010

TV News & Notes

Josh Mahler is keeping you updated with what’s going on in television universe

If you haven’t heard already, the ESPN and Discovery cable networks have announced that they will each be launching their own 3-D channels in the near future (ESPN’s will debut this coming summer and Discovery will be taking us to the third dimension sometime in 2011) and I’m personally torn on this issue. The thought of 85 live sporting events in 3-D over the next year (including next year’s college football BCS championship game) is very cool, but I’m nervous about everything going that direction. For me, 3D is fun as something different or a change of pace; I’m not so sure that I want to wear special glasses every time I turn on the TV. What are your thoughts? It’s early enough that I can still be easily swayed to either camp.

Did you happen to catch the mini Friends reunion on Cougar Town last night as Lisa Kudrow dropped by the freshman Courtney Cox series? Even though the show is run by one of my favorites in Bill Lawrence (Spin City, Scrubs), I just haven’t been able to get into it yet this season but had to check this episode out as a Friends fan. I always feel bad for TV actors, because as an audience we just want them to be the characters that we remember them for and it just wasn’t Monica and Phoebe. The other thing that weirds me out about Cougar Town is that I never know which show I’m actually watching because I remember most of the cast from somewhere else. Ian Gomez and Scott Foley came from Felicity (a weekly favorite of an old flame a lifetime ago), Christa Miller and Scott Foley came from Scrubs, and then last night we had Cox and Kudrow from Friends. It was like a bizarre Past Their Prime all-star show.

In other casting news, singer Carrie Underwood is set to make her acting debut on How I Met Your Mother this spring (we’re not going to count that so-called “Christmas” special she did last month). And actresses Mischa Barton - from O.C. fame - and Sharon Stone have each agreed to make separate appearances on the king stunt casting show, Law & Order: SVU, this spring as well. Barton will play a prostitute and Stone will appear an assistant district attorney (no word on any potential interrogation scenes). Ahh, so many jokes, so little time. Moving on!

And finally, Jon Cryer from Two and a Half Men is reportedly saying that co-star Charlie Sheen is adjusting well to being back on the show’s set after his Christmas arrest where he allegedly threatened his wife with a knife. “He’s been incredibly professional, always, but especially in times of personal crisis,” Cyer told People. “He is solid as a rock [and] today was no different… Thankfully a good script can get everybody through awkward moments.”

Makes you wonder what other show that script was from.

Sorry, just couldn’t resist.

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Anonymous said...

As the Consumer Electronics Show highlights the dandy new star of 3-dimensional television, I can’t help but rest in the fact that such technology is still nothing more than a mere gimmick. Let’s take as our barometer the film industry; what is the current percentage of films released in 3-D? While I don’t have the specific averages on this yet, I do know that my last evening at the Cineplex did not involve a cardboard set of novelty glasses which marketing wizards slyly placed on a box of Footie Rings to advertise to the mega blockbuster movie just being released. Instead, most 3-D films are relegated to the I-max niche market that assumes a 40 foot screen would be so much better if things jumped out at the audience.
No, I think we can safely table the debate as to the appeal of 3-D television conquering the current marketplace until such time as true holographic imagining can be developed so that I may enjoy Captain Picard’s adventures from the privacy of my own Holodeck!

Colin Castelow