Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My MLB (Alternative) Predictions

Ahhh... There's nothing like sitting around doing nothing while watching an afternoon baseball game on your day off.

Right now I'm watching the Rockies rockin' the Diamondbacks 6-1 in the 8th and I'm just now realizing how happy I am to have baseball back (Colorado can really hit the ball, by the way. If they can piece together any kind of a pitching staff, they could be a really dangerous team - but more on that in a minute).

Real quick before I get to my personal predictions for the season, I have reflect one more time on how amazing this past Monday was.

Not only did UNC win the NCAA National Championship on baseball's opening day but Junior Griffey homered in his first game back with the Mariners AND the Spurs put my least favorite human being on the planet, Manu Ginobili, down for the season (meaning my blood won't be boiling during the NBA playoffs as Manu flops around drawing cheap fouls).

Now THAT'S a good day.

Ok, on the predictions. I was watching ESPN's picks the other day and I guess they feel some obligation to major TV markets because they all picked some combination of the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Mets, Cubs, and Dodgers.

And yeah, those are all good teams and yeah, most (if not all) will be there at the end but I'm shaking it up and making some alternate predictions this spring and you won't see any of those teams in my picks (hey, I'll look like a genius if any of them make it!).

AL East - Tampa Bay
AL Central - Cleveland
AL West - Oakland
AL Wild Card - Kansas City

NL East - Florida
NL Central - Cincinnati
NL WEST - Colorado
NL Wild Card - Atlanta

ALCS - Kansas City over Cleveland
NLCS - Florida over Atlanta

World Series - I have the Marlins over the Royals in a World Series that would make MLB and FOX executives agree to a homicide-suicide pact.

Play ball!

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