Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Living the High Life

Ok, so in the last six months I've (in chronological order):

- Seen the Philadelphia Freaking Phillies win the World Series and bring home the first Philadelphia sports title that I've been old enough to enjoy in my life time.

- Moved to one of the coolest cities in the world and now get to see pro sports live whenever I want (I'm going to see the Nuggets play the Kevin Durants tomorrow night and I'm going to see the Rockies host the WORLD CHAMPION Phillies on Saturday - Greatest!).

- Convinced Brian Dawkins to move out here with me.

- Gotten the Girl of my dreams to renounce any shred of sanity by agreeing to marry me.

- Seen one of my favorite UNC teams of all time blow out Michigan State in the NCAA Championship game which ALSO won me the office pool.


You would think most people would be just sitting back and enjoying the ride but of course I'm neurotic enough to keep wondering (A) why is everything going so well for me right now and (B) when is the bottom going to drop out.

I am about an Eagles-Broncos Super Bowl away from having to just retire from life and move into a cave just so that I decrease the chances of getting hit by lightning or a plane or another planet.

Hmmm... I really should take this lucky streak to Vegas!


Paul said...

Not gonna lie, that is weird.

No offense, but nothing about you screams 'everything works out for me'.

Enjoy the ride while I try and steal your formula.

EZ said...

At least you're not a Bills/ Sabres/ Suns/ Blue Jays/ Cubs fan like me!!!

There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a talented team miss the playoffs by 1 game or having a great regular season followed by a first round playoff exit.

Just Being Josh said...

EZ - I am now officially a Bills/Sabres/Suns/Blue Jays/Cubs just for you - OK, wait, sorry, can't do Suns, Blue Jays, and Cubs, but I will root for the Bills and Sabres just for you because I lived with that heartache for the first 28 years of my life, so I know the feeling.

while we're at it - go Indians, Browns, and Cavs too!!!

Just call me President Barack Omahler, trying to spread the wealth to everyone!

Steve Smith said...

You know you're here for the long haul if the Rockies make the World Series again.
Or pigs fly.

Kevin said...

When I read the title of this post it brought back memories of you ordering your favorite beer "The Ultra" until that one waitress told you it was a GIRLS beer. She changed you for months! Hahaha, the greatest ever.