Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sociological Observation - Please Reply!

I know that you will find it amazing that even with two jobs, I still have the time for things like this but please humor me AT LEAST this one more time...

I've really been fascinated lately with the way people greet each other non-verbally and I've pretty much realized that it's usually by either a wave of the hand or nod of the head.

What's really got me perplexed is the nod of the head.

I've noticed that some people nod their head back with a kind of cool "what's up" greeting and others nod forward with a more respectful kind of "hello".

I want to write about this but I want it to be more than just my own personalize observations; I was going to just ask a couple of close friends and family about it (since they're used to my shenanigans) but figured, why not bother everyone I know with it?? And I do want to hear from everyone of every age, so if you received this email, I want to hear from YOU!

So please respond to the following:

How do you typically non-verbally greet other people?

A) A wave of the hand

B) Nod your head back in a cool, hip kind of way

C) Nod your head forward in a respectful, gentleman kind of way

BONUS - I'm now very aware of how I greet people, but don't know if I change my non-verbal greeting depending on who I am around; so if you can think about it, how do I, Josh Mahler, typically greet you??

Can't wait to hear from you all... Now, back to work!



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