Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mahler Musings

> I don't even know why but I'm on Twitter now (JustBeingJosh is my user name if that means anything to you and you can actually keep up with my Twitter updates on the right hand bar of this page). From what I can gather, you can now "follow" me and I can "follow" you because we obviously want to know what everyone else is doing at all times. I just don't understand how this is different from Facebook just like I could never understand how that was different from MySpace just like I could never understand how that was different from maintaining actual human relationships. Oh well, I'm in!

> So much for that "sneaky feeling" about Kansas in the Midwest bracket. Ugh. I don't know why but I just can't get into Michigan State. I felt validated when they lost in the Big 10 tourney but they HANDLED THEIR BUSINESS against Kansas and Louisville. I don't think they have enough to get past UConn but if they do, all bets are officially off.

> I raced home from work on Sunday because I was nervous about UNC's chances against Oklahoma. When I sank into my recliner it was already 30-20 Tar Heels and it was never a game after that. Even if you can't stand UNC, you have to give coach Roy Williams credit that he has completely abandoned going after NBA prospects and has just concentrated on building a solid college team instead. Sure, he will pick up a Marvin Williams here or a Brandan Wright there but this current squad is so dangerous because it is filled with prototypical "college" players that will do nothing in the pros. Hansbrough might find his way into a rotation as a good energy guy off the bench.

> Speaking of the Heels, if you would have told me four years ago that I would get to a point where I would actually feel relieved whenever Danny Green was on the court, I would have disowned you. Hmm... More on that later.

> I know it's easier when you're not the one having to make the actual decision but if I'm Calipari, I can't get to Kentucky fast enough. Memphis will always have a certain ceiling (as does a school like Louisville) but basketball is king in Lexington and Calipari could have the keys to the castle.

> Bill Simmons beat me to the punch on this topic but I'm going to weigh in with my original thoughts anyway. In one of his recent mailbags, one of his readers asked him what is the best sports month of the year. While it's hard to argue with his April answer (NCAA Final Four and championship, baseball opening day, the Masters, the NFL draft, etc.) I, personally, still have to go with October. There's just something about the crisp air, football kicking off and the World Series. April might be the best sports month for quantity but October still has the most sports quality.

> I keep hearing a nasty rumor that Phillies' ace Cole Hamels - correction: Defending World Chamion Phillies' ace Cole Hamels will be pitching against the Rockies next Saturday night and I already have tickets to that game.

> Man, I love living in a pro sports town now.

> I'm going on the record now and saying that the Phils could win 40 games this season and I won't complain one bit. Winning that title last year did something for me. I am as relaxed as Steve Carrell at the end of "The 40 Year Old Virgin".

> Speaking of virgins, "The Big Bang Theory" was smoking this week. This ep hit that "King of Queens" level where it wasn't necessarily a brilliantly woven plot (like "Frasier") or culturally ground breaking (like "Seinfeld") but it had a good energy and solid pacing; and Penny's "Star Trek" reference was one of the first signs of tangible growth of the character and the series (I LOOOOVE when you can actually feel a show evolving). Let's hope it stays there.

> Though I haven't really watched since Clooney left, I will definitely tune in for the series finale of "ER" on Thursday. Even though I stopped paying attention, it was just always comforting knowin that the doctors of County General Hospital were always there.

> By the way, did you know that "ER" does NOT hold the record for most Emmy wins all time? I can't remember which show does off the top of my head, but I know it's not "ER".



Just Being Josh said...

Looks like Calipari has decided to go to Kentucky.

Can't blame him.

Would like to see the Cats relevant again.

Paul said...

More than Calipari having a ceiling at Memphis, it was UK that needed him. "The next big thing" was not gonna cut it anymore. See: Notre Dame football. Can you lose it? Maybe you can. Don't risk it. Some places need to have the highest paid coach every once in a while. And, it's over-used, but they need a media friendly guy. A cocky guy, and a guy that brings in talent ASAP. Plus expectaions are not Championship or bust right now. Good time for this kind of hire.

I am on Twitter b/c Jacob made me. People just start following me. No idea what I am doing. But I was late to facebook and loved MySpace and I am 100% facebook now, so I am open. Just glad that social networking is exceptable for 30 yr olds now. That's the real win.

ugh in Mich St and I still hate UNC. Not a Virginian if you don't imo.

Nothing beats opening day. Nothing. Other events are bigger, brighter, maybe even better, but it's only more entertaining in that moment. Opening day is a 'feeling' and that feeling lasts all summer. Never gonna be another sports month better than April. Remember when we were big radio stars and talked about that on air? That was like 15 years ago right? Speaking of weird...talking to Kev yesterday about the three of us at last year's draft at his mom's...my how things have changed!!

WS wins never go away. Ever. And you get reminded every April. All a part of that 'feeling'

100% agrre on BBT right down to the Penny Star Trek moment. Remember when we had a tv group?

Remember when we used to watch ER together? OK, so there is a cap to that joke. But not the trivia part!! HAHAHAHA....what an ass!

Frasier...yep definately Frasier. If only we had someone on our team that new pop culture...Bonus if they know anything about TV....what is by some miracle they loved Frasier...nah....now we are just dreamin