Thursday, February 7, 2008

Writers' Strike is Almost Over!

Found this on the other day:

This Just In: WGA Strike Nearly Over?
Looks like we're in the homestretch, kids. Both the
New York Times and the AP are reporting that the major roadblocks between the striking Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers have been eliminated, paving the way for a tentative agreement as early as next week. Yes, you read that right — as early as next week.The breakthroughs — reportedly involving the hotly contested matter of revnue from Internet distribution — came last Friday after two weeks of productive (if informal) talks between the two sides.

This is great news for all of us that are ready to bludgeon Howie Mandel to death with one of those silver cases on "Deal or No Deal".

From everything I'm reading, it will take a couple weeks to go through all the paperwork but everyone should be back at work by March 1. It obviously will then take a couple more weeks to write scripts and then film them; so most reports are saying that our favorite shows will air anywhere from 3-6 more episodes (between April and May) to finish out the season.

It may not be a full 22-24 episode season like most years, but with how bad it has gotten, this is a deal worth taking to me.

What shows are you looking forward to having back?

Since it's been SO long, I will probably pass out when I see another episode of "The Office". Also looking forward to having "How I Met Your Mother" back to finish out its strongest season yet (You're welcome for that one Paulie) and I was really enjoying the first season of "The Big Bang Theory".

What about you?

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